Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MediaWiki Base - 36821 urls

A large base of high-quality wiki sites. The base is parsed in early March. The base presents only wiki sites. No garbage! Base cleaned for duplicates and dead sites. The base only live wiki sites.

Used to parse autoupdate private proxy. The base issue was going to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista and Yandex. Base multilanguage: English, French, Italian, Czech, Russian, Philippine, Spanish, Portuguese and other. Base can be used in the following programs: Extreme Wiki Poster, Wikikiller and Xrumer Wiki Mod. The archive contains the base of the wiki sites and the program Wikikiller. The cost base of 15$! Only sell 10 copies! Hurry up! 1 Copies Remaining! After selling 10 copies of the base will cost 30$.


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