Thursday, January 26, 2012

ExpressionEngine Base - 5600 urls

To gather evidence base used by ExpressionEngine Profiles. All sections are open to indexing by the search engine Google. In the abase contains 5600 links. To collect the base used the search engine Google.

The base forums has a multilingual format: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Filipina, French, and others. From the base to remove duplicates, made ​​post-processing and cleaning tools with xrumer. Base can be used in many advanced SEO programs: Xrumer, SenukeX, Ignite SEO etc. Base check behind on the PR. A lot of quality forums! High PR (3-9) - 3290 Forums! Only sell 15 copies! Hurry up! The price for the base 10$! 7 Copies Remaining


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